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  • Information about the website entitled Drug Addiction Info.

  • Celebrity rehab is not a joke for people's amusement. Every person is entitled to compassion and empathy, especially when he or she is struggling with drugs.

  • A drug rehab clinic should provide a complete continuum of care, detox through extended care, post-residential care, a medical staff, and program flexibility.

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  • Crack cocaine is a volatile, highly addictive drug. It is typically smoked through a glass or metal pipe and can have an individual hooked after just one use.

  • In a drug addict intervention, people who are dependent on drugs are confronted by family members and friends and encouraged to seek professional treatment.

  • Drug addiction is a debilitating disease that includes the following symptoms: the loss of control, craving, tolerance, and physical dependence.

  • DUI. Since DUI is the most frequently committed crime in the U.S., many people have questions about DUIs, DUI attorneys, and driving under the influence.

  • DUI Lawyer. DUI attorney information.

  • DUI Lawyer. DUI attorneys try to dismiss your DUI offense and if this isn’t possible, he will try for a reduction of the charges, fines, and/or penalties.

  • Heroin is an opium-derived drug that leads to addiction. Heroin withdrawals are excruciating, involving vomiting, diarrhea, depression, and possibly, death.

  • The problem with tranquilizers like the Benzodiazepines arises when the user takes the meds beyond the prescribed dosage and time period. Addiction can result.

  • A patient entering rehab may be prescribed to take medicine for different aliments. These medications may negatively impact the addiction treatment procedure.

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  • The following are seen as the causes of addiction: genetics, the environment, emotional problems, low frustration tolerance, abuse, and the substance itself.

  • The War on Drugs is a failure. The solution: focus on treatment that will stop the addict’s suffering, make them more useful, and reduce the demand for drugs.

  • What is successful addiction treatment? People who are abstinent, recovering, and accountable for their actions define successful addiction treatment.